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Transport of concrete foundation

Crane-Truck Hydraulic Gantry International

Steam turbine for energy generation at RIDI Leuchten GmbH.

Binging-in and positioning of a press

Hydraulic Gantry Switzerland

A press weighing 65 tons was brought into the production hall of Jehle AG.

Exchange of escalators

Hydraulic Gantry Special tools Switzerland

On a Saturday night after closing time of a shopping mall the BAUBERGER elves started working...

final position of the steamer

Crane-Truck Fork Lift Hydraulic Gantry Switzerland

New production line for material processing...

Jacking system in the production hall

Crane-Truck Hydraulic Gantry Special tools

A new Soraluce VTC 8000 vertical lathe, with a total weight of 214 tons, was installed in Flums...

Removing of foundation

Hydraulic Gantry Montylift Switzerland

Changes in the compressor building at the PSI...

Unloading of a new tank

Crane-Truck Food & Beverages Hydraulic Gantry Switzerland

Getränke Lussi AG moved from the old production site in Stans to a new facility in Oberdorf.

Relocating a press in upright position.

Hydraulic Gantry International

It has been 25 years now that we have been working with hydraulic lifting columns – like this one in Germany.

Kran-LKW hebt 13,9t schwere Mazak-Präzisionsmaschine

Boom Fork Lift Hydraulic Gantry International The Montylift

Visit at family-owned company HWP Rigging of Robert Deutsch in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

Verschiebung Hydraulikpresse Aargau

Boom Fork Lift Hydraulic Gantry Industry & Pharmaceuticals Switzerland

Moving large tonnages precisely and with as little interruption of operations as possible.

Hydraulic Gantry Industry & Pharmaceuticals Switzerland The Montylift

We not only exhibited at Prodex, we also played an instrumental part in setting up this major trade fair. Impressions and background information on this year's Prodex.

The Gotthard Railroad was hydraulically lifted up together with the platform.

Art & Culture Custom-Built Model Golden Oldies Hydraulic Gantry Switzerland

The Gotthard Railroad was hydraulically lifted up together with the platform.

Mission in Banbury, county of Oxfordshire.

Hydraulic Gantry International

Mission in the UK: Dismantling, relocation, and modification work all from a single company: Bauberger.

Big hall, little space for maneuvering.

Hydraulic Gantry International

Performing installation and repair work with gantries in ultra-tight spaces.