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Test run of the gobal innovation Montylift-16-DM.

Custom built International The Montylift

XXL Christmas shopping

Formal technical accetptance and test drive of the global innovation Montylift-16-DM in the US.

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Kran-LKW hebt 13,9t schwere Mazak-Präzisionsmaschine

Boom Fork Lift Hydraulic Gantry International The Montylift

Hard work pays off

Visit at family-owned company HWP Rigging of Robert Deutsch in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

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Drei Jubilaen und eine Weihnachtsfeier

Personnel Switzerland

Three anniversaries and a Christmas party

Three anniversaries were celebrated at this year’s Christmas party by three assembly supervisors: Peter Schwegler celebrated his 30th and Hansjörg Müller and Willy Büsser their 10th.

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Demontage des «Storchs» am Boden

Areal Platform Art & Culture Industry & Pharmaceuticals Switzerland

Sky-high cooperation

Geat teamwork between Vicentini Transporte AG and Bauberger AG in the confined and airy heights of the Swiss Museum of Transport.

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Industrie & Pharmazie Switzerland

Elgg Industrial Park: First Tenant Has Signed the Lease

Schibli AG is the first tenant of Elgg Industrial Park to sign a lease. This traditional company will move into its offices and workshops there in January 2016.

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Best of luck!

A wedding and a retirement all in blue. Bauberger AG wishes the newly-weds all the best and our retiree good luck in this next chapter of his life.

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Art & Culture Switzerland

Handsome veterans

Ruedi Bauberger joined 126 other enthusiasts of classic vehicles at the 6th Meeting of Swiss Utility Vehicles in Thayngen. He drove a Sauerer V2C truck. A few impressions.

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Verschiebung Hydraulikpresse Aargau

Boom Fork Lift Hydraulic Gantry Industry & Pharmaceuticals Switzerland

By Day ...

Moving large tonnages precisely and with as little interruption of operations as possible.

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100 Tagen in Betrieb - KVA Reneriga

Art & Culture Switzerland

Montylift Takes to the Water

The ultra-modern incineration plant in Root in the Swiss canton of Lucerne.


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Art & Culture Personnel Switzerland

The Picture Maker

With his pictures, the photographer Balz Murer is doing much to shape the new corporate image of Bauberger AG. An interview.

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Art & Culture Switzerland

New Winter Photo

A long time coming but finally here: Old Man Winter. Our new winter photo is online!

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Kloster Fischingen: Biertanks von Bauberger AG gezügelt.

Boom Knuckle Boom Crane Personnel Switzerland

Third Generation Takes the Stage

After fifteen years of reliable service, our 103 knuckle boom crane was replaced in early February with a modern successor.

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Kloster Fischingen: Biertanks von Bauberger AG gezügelt.

Food & Beverages Fork lift Knuckle Boom Crane Switzerland The Montylift


Fischingen Priory brews an unusual beer: Pilgrim, the beer that makes tired pilgrims cheerful and vivacious. We transported and installed the 1,000-liter tanks.

Newspaper Article (German, PDF)
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