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Traffic safety

Traffic safety is a daily necessity for us all and accidents repeatedly happen that on closer examination could have been avoided in part or even completely. At Bauberger, this is a major concern for us, because we too are on the road in Switzerland everyday.

The Association for Protection and Safety, in cooperation with the Police Officers' Association of the Zurich Municipal Police Authorities, has created a CHILDREN'S traffic painting book. Using painting templates of everyday situations and hazards in road traffic, the youngest are to be familiarised with traffic and get to know it while playing.

We are proud we could support the project as a sponsor with a painting template of our own. We are looking forward to publication of the latest edition of the CHILDREN'S painting book, which will take place in January 2018.

For readers who cannot wait, the painting template can of course also be printed out now...

Picture: Association for Protection and Safety

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