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Third Generation Takes the Stage

This equipment covered 370,000 kilometers, hoisted 36,000 tons and operated for 12,600 hours. After those busy 15 years, it is time for it to say goodbye – at least to Bauberger.

The new knuckle boom crane was already there to be admired at the Open House, at least the driver’s cab and the cargo crane. The loading bridge had not yet been finished. But No. 103, the third generation knuckle boom crane, is now fully equipped and again ready to spend at least the next 15 years lifting and moving objects weighing tons, from antique power looms to ultra-modern computer tomography scanners.

The new Arocs 2558 from Mercedes-Benz features 580 hp, a 6x2 drive configuration and a Euro 6 engine. The front-most and rear-most axles are steered and the rear-most axle can be raised thanks to air suspension, making the vehicle highly agile. The PK 65002-SC C crane from Palfinger has a hydraulic knuckle boom (PJ170C fly jib) up to 21 meters long and additional support at the rear (total of six stabilizers). That means the new knuckle boom crane is ideally equipped for any mission throughout Europe.

Incidentally, the old No. 103 knuckle boom crane whose engine was replaced in 2012 will be shipped in the spring to Paraguay where it will continue rendering good service.


Truck:  Larag AG
Crane: Walser AG

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