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The Picture Maker

With his pictures, the photographer Balz Murer is doing much to shap the new corporate image of Bauberger AG.

How did you land this contract?
I was asked. Rebecca Buchmüller, who is responsible for corporate communication at Bauberger AG, approached me about it. She told what she envisioned. I showed her a few photos that seemed similar to what she wanted. We picked out a set of pictures, presented them to the customer and that is how I landed the contract.

What is special about a Bauberger photoshoot?
Machines may be technically interesting but they are not particularly photogenic. They are square blocks with a few corners and edges; nothing more. The challenge is to capture man and machine, the situation on site. For instance, at the photoshoot at Ramseier the story was in the gigantic size of the machine and factory and ultimately in the few centimeters of leeway. It is no accident that the picture of the column lifts and the workers is reminiscent of a temple. At the photosoot at Troxler the task was to show the cramped space and the dynamism of moving. Relocating a machine may take several hours but the essence of the process happens within a few seconds. You have to be on the ball.

What is your approach to work?
We talked for a long time about pictorial language. It was soon clear to us that photo reporting was the only style that would work, in other words without artificial light, only with a handheld camera. Pictures with people, mostly close-ups, have a blur in terms of depth and movement; technical photos are usually taken in a long shot and do not. None of the pictures is staged. A flick of the wrist or two may have to be repeated, but that’s all. The men would not really have had time to pose anyway. They really tackle the job, it is impressive, and keep working for hours.

What are the next photoshoots you have lined up?
We are waiting for spring and will then take a nice spring photo in Thurgau to serve as the background for the website. Then I have a photoshoot at the heavy cargo warehouse at company headquarters in Elgg. The perfect thing to do would be to have a crane lift me up high, so I could capture the huge dimensions (laughs). Then I have another photoshoot in June at a customer’s premises. Another internationally operating Swiss company like Bauberger. I’m looking forward to it.

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