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Shapers of Bauberger

Rebecca Buchmüller, your company is responsible for the corporate communication. What exactly does that entail?
With our all-round care-free package, we work with the client to shape the Bauberger brand. We manage the corporate design (CD), define and create the corporate content (CC) and raise the public profile of the company by placing ads (media planning). In addition, we write trade articles and maintain ties with the trade press (PR). All these efforts forge a unique corporate identity (CI). At Bauberger AG, this CI is of the highest quality across all media, from business cards and website to work garments. This situation is unique for a small business of this size yet reflects very nicely the high standards Bauberger places on the «quality and precision» of its own work.

What have you accomplished so far?
The Internet is increasingly important in today's world. Our main focus is on the website, the virtual business card of a company. In the On the road section, we regularly issue reports from the Bauberger world. Mostly they pertain to interesting relocations, to internal matters such as anniversaries and weddings or, most recently, to Bauberger tarps being converted into Freitag bags. What we are after is an engaging mix of trade articles, background reports, and entertainment. But printed matter is also still crucial today. Besides ads, we also produced an info flyer that presents the company’s essentials briefly and succinctly.

And how do you proceed with this work?
We usually have a meeting every two to three months where we discuss the content of the quarterly newsletter and how to proceed. We have had this client quite a while and in the process, have acquired a solid knowledge of the industry. So a few key words and the phone number of the client’s customer where the relocation was carried out are often all we need to conjure up an article. From the abundance of pictures Ruedi Bauberger sends us, we pick the best and make an interesting photo narrative from them. When the scale is bigger such as in the relocation of PB Swiss Tools or within the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne, we are on site ourselves, usually documenting the procedure with a pictures and film and also placing the reports in the press.

What’s coming up?
We have a number of things in the pipeline. It is important to us to underscore the international orientation of Bauberger to an even greater extent. Bauberger is perhaps the biggest player in the market and clearly has the best equipment as well as experienced and superbly trained personnel. Communication on this aspect needs to be stepped up in our view. In addition, we would like to produce an image brochure in german and english featuring the wonderful photos taken by Balz Murer. Then the available services could be easily shown and presented at the customer’s premises. We have already done the preparatory work with our info flyer. Ultimately, the client decides what it wants. We only provide advice and then implement what was jointly discussed.

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