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Relocating in upright position

This job in Germany exemplifies how to safely and quickly relocate a 76-ton hydraulic press.

Days 1 and 2: Transport of press in horizontal position Germany. Press, measuring 6.2m by 4.8m by 2.4m, unloaded at the factory and set up with the aid of four hydraulic lifting columns. Finally, press moved in upright position to its final location.

Day 3: Press lowered into place and leveled, accessory parts all installed. Return home


Special tools

  • 2x 90t lifting columns
  • 2x 32t lifting columns
  • 7t forklift
  • 7m aerial work platform
  • Installation dollies
  • Steel spreader bars, lifting links, modular wood pieces
  • 120t transport dollies, hydraulic jack

Photos: Bauberger AG


Relocating in upright position



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