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Radiant once again

After 720l of paint were applied, 80t of bricks were put in place and 9km of storm cables were laid, the moment had finally come: On May 28, 2016, Elgg industrial park opened its gates for business. All the tenants and about 200 invited guests plus more than a dozen children accepted the invitation.

In just under six months, the workers had managed to sweep away “the dust of the past 50 years”, as Ruedi Bauberger put it in his words of welcome. All the halls of the former Calorifer AG were newly painted and insulated and some were newly partitioned. The only exception is Hall 5, which serves as storage space for Spenglerei Schnyder, a plumbing firm. The wet rooms were all replaced. The offices were newly painted and can be enlarged or reduced in size as needed with modular partitions.

All tenants and the architect Hans Peter Bucher praised the smooth collaboration with the building contractors. “I am really very impressed,” Mayor Christoph Ziegler said in his speech. “This park adds a touch of class to trade and commerce in Elgg.” It is no wonder that everything is occupied except a few offices and part of Hall 6. Bauberger AG uses the entire 820m2 Hall 7 as a second heavy cargo warehouse.


Photos: Buchmüller Consulting / Bauberger AG

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