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It was 10 years ago...

Vintage cars out for a spin: 482 km over the Albula Pass and the Julier Pass with the V2C - 1957

In 2007, Hans Fischer from Chur staged the 20th excursion for vintage trucks and buses, an event that drew large numbers of people to the Canton of Grisons.
Record figures: 140 vehicles, 400 participants

There was wonderful fall weather for the three-day drive that took Dieter Greuter and Ruedi Bauberger from Elgg via Chur – Thusis – Tiefencastel – Begün – Albula Pass – La Punt – S-Chanf – Zuoz – Madulain – La Punt – Bever – Samedan – Celerina – St. Moritz Village – Champfér – Silvaplana – Sils Maria – St. Moritz – Punt Muragl – Silvaplana – Julier Pass – Tiefencastel – Thusis – Chur back to Elgg.

Vehicle data:
Engine: CR2D / 4-cylinder / 5.82 liter

First licensed: Cantonal hospital and nursing home in Rheinau in the Canton of Zurich (license plate: ZH 2733)

Color: gray

The dump truck had just one driver until 1983, a man named Hess. It was used mainly to haul coal from the train station to the central heating plant of the clinic. 
The second owner was the common carrier Hans Fehr from Basadingen. He had it until 1985, when senior partner Rudolf Bauberger bought the vintage truck from him. The truck was completely restored and painted in the BAUBERGER colors by the body shop Carrosserie Höhener in St. Gallen in 1999 to mark the company’s 25th anniversary.


Photos: Bauberger AG

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