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27 full-on years - and now suddenly retirement!

Young father Christian Schumacher joined BAUBERGER as a project manager and mechanic on 1 August 1991. He came from Sulzer Rüti, where he was head of the Operation Maintenance department and the youngest foreman.

Christian was one of the key figures behind BAUBERGER’s reputation, at least in Switzerland, as the company with the most ingenious technical solutions! Based on his technical understanding, coupled with above-average commitment and fighting spirit, he handled a great many exciting and challenging projects. Thanks to perfect preparation and planning down to the tiniest detail, even the most demanding projects were realised without any major complications.

It is to his great credit that he never lost his humanity throughout this; he was always ready for some tomfoolery or some fun, even when work was challenging or intense.

Christian leaves behind a huge gap from both a professional and personal standpoint, but luckily he will remain available to us as a temporary project coach. He will be able to take things a little easier in his “retirement” alongside his wife Dolores, as a grandfather several times over, an enthusiastic mountain runner, an ambitious woodsman and a dedicated musician.

The difficult task of succeeding Christian will be undertaken by Andreas Beck, Luzian Frauenfelder, Gregor Schädler and Raffael Wyss for our customers’ challenging projects.


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