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Hard work pays off

Nearly identical but a bit larger and heavier: Impressive visit with industry US-colleague at HWP Rigging.

Ruedi Bauberger maintains personal ties with people at rigging, transport and crane companies around the world. Back in 2004 he traveled to St. Louis, Missouri, to visit HWP Rigging and the Deutsch family who own the company. The reason for that trip was to configure the first Montylift-16 (No. 511).

“I was impressed then with the diversity of special equipment that HWP used. In the US, there are at least double the number of forklifts and gantries per individual worker than among us Europeans,” Ruedi Bauberger said, explaining the massive growth in the HWP machinery range.

At HWP Rigging today, 24 riggers operate 12 Montylifts, countless trucks and heavy-duty tractor-trailers, special equipment, assembly cranes and about 50 forklifts. “One of our strengths is our great flexibility in safely and quickly moving machines weighing as much as 1,200t. That means we often have to work concurrently for different companies at different sites,” explained Robert Deutsch, owner of HWP and a descendant of German immigrants.

Like Bauberger, HWP also has a large heavy cargo warehouse on its premises. And like the Bauberger-Kellenberger family, the US family company purchased additional land and buildings this year. In fact, it doubled the size of its premises to 60,000 square meters. Whether big or small, in the US or in Switzerland, one thing is certain: “Hard work pays off,” as Robert Deutsch is wont to say. That is why he uses the first letter of the first three words of his motto as the company name.


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