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For 15 years, knuckle boom crane No. 103 served faithfully, lifting a variety of objects that weighed tons, from antique power looms to ultra-modern computer tomography scanners. Over that time, it chalked up 12,600 operating hours and covered about 370,000 kilometers while lifting a total of 36,000 tons.

Now the Mercedes 3343 is getting a new lease on life in Paraguay. It will be at the service of SICA, an Argentine company that manufactures steam boilers for gasoline, gas, and chemicals and exports them throughout South America.

Brun Trucks S.A. is a Swiss company conducting business in Ypane, Paraguay. It specializes in importing second-hand (Swiss) trucks and also handles the transports. We are delighted that No. 103 is still alive and kicking and wish it bon voyage!

The new knuckle boom crane No. 103: 3rd generation on the rise.

Photos: Bauberger AG/Brun Trucks S.A.

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