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Bauberger gives you wings

The project called for Bauberger tools, not just employees and expertise. The helicopter had to fly three trips to transport personnel and tools to San Salvatore, the popular 912m high peak that affords wonderful views of Lake Lugano. The special tools weighed a total of 950kg. Equipment included one mechanical 3t crane system, one 2t chain hoist and one beam trolley plus mechanical lifters, panels and 4mm thick aluminum plates.

The San Salvatore funicular is 1660m long and divided into two sections of varying steepness. The maximum gradient in the first section is 37% and in the second 61%. The cars are therefore designed differently but have the same capacity (69 passengers) and travel parallel to each other on flat ground for 10m in the Lugano-­ Pazzallo middle station.

Photos: Bauberger AG

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