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All geared up

After about 1.5 years in action and subject to heavy duty use, the work garments were ready to be replaced.

A new corporate image called for visually matching garments. It was for this purpose that Selina and Ruedi Bauberger met for the first time with Patrick Bussman, the managing director of fabric wear AG, in late November 2013. This manufactory specializes in the production of high quality protective garments in corporate design.

The specifications were clear: The Bauberger blue was supposed to look more or less identical on all fabrics and the work garments themselves had to be both practical and upscale while reflecting the dynamism of the company. Sections of the clothing that get dirty more easily such as thighs or pockets were made in practical anthracite. The gray was picked up again on the left arm, the red edging and the yellow logo arrows on the back of rear belt loop gave the design the necessary pizzazz.

Incidentally, the design and CAD tailoring were done in the Swiss manufactory but produced at the company’s own plant in Europe. “Creating this kind of premium collection is like a pregnancy,” Bussmann explained. “After a series of ups and downs, you feel immense joy when the process comes to an end.” After months of close cooperation, the day had finally come on 6 September 2014, just in time for the company’s 40th anniversary and the presentation of the company’s new market presence.

Today, a Bauberger employee can select from about 18 garments – from a Gnägi style turtleneck shirt to long overalls and short knee breeches all the way to a winter jacket, stocking hat or billed cap. Almost every garment is personalized and there is also a bag for stowing away clothing and personal utensils.

These garments are cleaned and maintained in a specialized laundry. Work garments subject to such rough use have a life cycle of about 1.5 years. It was therefore high time to order new garments to be all geared up for the future.

Fotos: Balz Murer  / Bauberger AG

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