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Grundrahmen wird eingebracht

In Haag, VAT recently received two new cleaning systems.

Bringing-in of a new combined heat and power plant

New combined heat and power plant at the sugar refinery

Transport of concrete foundation

Crane-Truck Hydraulic Gantry International

Steam turbine for energy generation at RIDI Leuchten GmbH.

Beni Bisang


A BAUBERGER primeval rock shifts down a gear...

Binging-in and positioning of a press

Hydraulic Gantry Switzerland

A press weighing 65 tons was brought into the production hall of Jehle AG.

Binging-in of the UPS container in Lengwil

Fork Lift Switzerland

Installation of the first modular data center (MDC) in Switzerland.



Since the beginning of 2019 we have been a member of HAW...

OKEY headquaters in Winterthur-Wülflingen

Switzerland The Montylift

Relocation of the OKEY production plant to the new company headquarters...


Exhibiton in Bern from 11th until 14th of December

Exchange of escalators

Hydraulic Gantry Special tools Switzerland

On a Saturday night after closing time of a shopping mall the BAUBERGER elves started working...

Relocation into the new production site of Comet

Fork Lift Switzerland

BAUBERGER was in charge of the relocation at Comet in Flamatt - again



Safety ist for us very important...that's why we educate ourselfs continuously.



Two new vehicles are complementing our fleet...

Roland Kundert

International Switzerland

Roland Kundert won the MERCEDES-BENZ ROADSTARS TROPHY 2018...