«Can cream cheese fly - and would you have parked here without a scratch?» 

Even some of the world is falling apart - we will do everything in our power to support the successful realization of your projects.
Many of our customers are affected by the current logistic issues. Postponements of projects continue to be part of the daily routine. However, as a service provider, we do our utmost to react actively to these dynamics and to support our customers in the best possible way. During recent weeks, we realised again many interesting and complex projects. As usual, you will find reports of some selected projects in this newsletter.
From now on, if you are eating the delicious Lucerne cream cheese, you may also think of us. In Emmen, right next to the airfield, we unloaded more than 50 truck loads of plant components during several weeks. We also brought them into the factory building and installed them. Read more about the construction of Emmi's new cheese factory here.
During the project at the Hirslandenklinik in Aarau, there literally was only "a hand's breadth of air" when we parked the 31t mobile MRI unit. More information of how we managed to complete this, can be found in the following article.
Sometimes we are also lending wings, for example at Suhner Schweiz AG. A 12t machine had to be lifted out through the roof and moved to the new location. In this article, including a short video, you can see how the machine was brought out through the roof hatch and moved to the new location by remote control. 
Marcel Bach & Team
On the road  

Over 50 truckloads for Swiss cheese

Unloading and bringing in more than 50 truckloads of machine elements for the new Emmi cheese factory.
To the cheese factory

Advanced valet-parking

Advanced parking of a 31t mobile MRI unit in a trailer next to the hospital.

To the parking

BAUBERGER gives you wings

Relocation of a 12t machine through the roof and remote-controlled moving to the new location.

To the wings
By the way  
Are we going viral together? #soreisenFabriken 
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