«We won't leave you hanging - but your machines will be!» 

The past newsletters had one thing in common: Nothing is constant anymore and highest flexibility is required again and again. Especially we as service providers feel this every day. All supply chains are out of balance and we, as the last link before the end customer, are significantly affected by this.
This means for us:
- We must re-align daily - yesterday's plans are usually already outdated today.
- Flexibility is one of our strengths and valued competencies - but there are also limits which we cannot and do not want to cross.
#soreisenFabriken consequently also continues in the future. We look forward to joint projects and now report here in this newsletter as usual from selected assignments. 

Since this summer hopefully again many open-airs and other events will take place, bottlenecks in the beer supply should not occur. Therefore we were allowed to replace a 18t can filling line in a two-day operation.
We only had little space and were dealing with a downhill access road when bringing in a new CNC machining center weighing 23t. See how we had solved this.
Millimeters were crucial in the ancient hydroelectric power plant in Interlaken. The three new 13t generators had to be brought into the 130 year old building and moved over the foundations.
Marcel Bach & Team
On the road  

No bottleneck at Feldschlösschen

Replacing an 18t can filling line incl. can seamer at Feldschlösschen.
to the Feldschlösschen

A well-balanced inclined position

Bringing in a 23t CNC machining center into a production hall

about balancing

Blue and yellow makes green power

Bringing three 13t generators into a hydroelectric power station.

about colored power
By the way  
The best equipment is of no use without a functioning, competent team. That's why we held a first workshop in April to further develop our team; others will follow. After an exciting morning, we then really stepped on the gas at the go-kart track - in slightly smaller vehicles than we are normally used to drive.