«The market is incredibly dynamic, and we are observing many delays and bottlenecks. Having a reliable partner always pays off, especially not only during times like these.» 

This dynamic also challenges us every day. With our well-known flexibility, we do everything possible to offer our customers a reliable and secure project execution. This led again to countless exciting projects, and as usual we are happy to report about three of them im more detail.

Things literally went through the roof in the Glarnerland. To minimize the interruption of production at Hans Eberle AG, a part of the 80 machine tools with a weight of up to 18t each went through the roof opening onto our barelle (platform) and from there to the upper floor of the new building.

Thanks to our heavy goods warehouse, we also started at Huber+Suhner AG without any delay. Every millimeter counted when bringing in the 40t planetary strander machine

Last but not least, since August we are active at Pronatec Production AG to bring in and install the new cocoa processing plant. During this project, the first BAUBERGER plug-in hybrid  was also built overnight.
Marcel Bach & Team
On the road  

It went through the roof

Relocating several manufacturing units with a weight of up to 18t each at Hans Eberle AG.
Through the roof

Rope teamwork with 40 tons

Bringing a new planetary strander machine into the production facilities at Huber+Suhner AG.

to the planetary strander

Hybrid à la BAUBERGER

Bringing in a new cocoa processing plant including a tank farm and more at Pronatec Production AG.

to Swiss cocoa
By the way  
Since this summer, we have a brand new electric heavy load moving skate, which was developed according to our specifications. It’s able to move machines up to 20 tons electically powered. Thanks to the replaceable battery pack and radio remote control, there are no disturbing cables, which means that machines can be moved in very tight spaces. This innovation complements our existing collection of several hundred special tools, helping to successfully complete our daily projects for our customers efficiently, individually, and safely.

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