«Talking about Corona may sometimes spoil your appetite. But we are already looking forward to the time when spotting a cool Corona makes us thirsty again.» 

We started the year 2021 with a lot of momentum and exciting projects, and we definitely did not let a virus slowing us down. Every day we are on the road to give our best and providing best services to our customers.
Our current project reports proof that we had been moving a wide variety of objects in the last few months, from light to extremely heavy.
It is well known that not only the size matters; but when space is tight, even a 900kg lathe can be a challenge. Read more about the “tricky lightweight”
The completely opposite was represented by a feedwater tank, which weighed 35 tons including the steel structure and had to be lifted to a height of 4.5m.
Another example of a tight space situation is the assembly of crane bridges - but also in this case, we had the right solutions and equipment ready for an efficient installation.
Marcel Bach & Team
On the road  

A tricky lightweight

A lathe of only 900kg had to be moved to the basement of a private customer. A project being more difficult than it seems.
About lightweights

Fresh water tank

Bringing in and installing a 25t water tank.

About heavy goods

Installing a new crane bridge

Moving in and installing a new crane bridge.

About crane bridges
Stronger than ever: We added another 540hp
We ended the year 2020 with a promising investment by adding another highlight to the BAUBERGER vehicle fleet. The new Scania with 5 axis and a tare weight of only 17.5 tons. This means we can even transport our Montylift-36 and other heavy goods without an additional permit - and thanks to the hydraulic ramps, we can load and unload very quickly. 

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