«In times of crisis, it is not enough
for a company to be over the mountain.
It cannot stay behind it either.» 

© KarlHeinz Karius (* 1935), author, person and advertising consultant
Source: Karius, WortHupferl-Edition, WortHupferl-Verlag

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, it has to go on - and thanks to many loyal, but also new customers, we were able to handle very exciting and challenging projects even during the crisis.
Even if protective masks, distance rules and disinfectants will be with us for a long time, we cannot and will not stand still. In addition to personnel changes as a result of Didi Greuter's retirement (“Dispo Didi”), we are optimizing our IT landscape in order to keep pace with the dynamics of the market, and our next truck is in the process of being completed.
With this in mind, we hope you enjoy browsing our newsletter,
Marcel Bach & Team
On the road  

"The Swiss Ski" is moving

Stöckli Swiss Sports AG is known for actively shaping their and our future through innovation - and we have moved various machines for them.
to Stöckli

School trip, but without a backpack

The machine technology / innovation department at Rapperswil University of Applied Sciences (HSR) moved to the new building on Eichwiesstrasse in Jona in summer 2020.

To the move

165 tons of steel for a hot bath

At Wilhelm Schmidlin AG in Oberarth, we were tasked to unload and set up a hydraulic deep-drawing press from Hydraulico.

To the set up

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