«Of course, I cannot say whether things will get better if things change; But I can say this much: it has to change if it is to be good.» 

J1853: Georg Christoph Lichtenberg's vermischte Schriften, Band 1, Seite 246, Verlag Dieterich, Quelle

The Corona crisis hit the whole economy hard, and we can hardly estimate the impact today - but it still has to go on.
For us, too, the past months and weeks have been marked by project postponements and great uncertainties - and not least by the fear that the virus could infect ourselves or people close to us. To a certain extent, we have now learned to deal with the new situation and our knowledge grows every day.
Despite (and partly as a result of) these adverse circumstances, we have been able to process some exciting projects in the past few months, which you can be found as usual by following the links below.

With this in mind, we wish you the best of health,
Marcel Bach & Team
On the road  

Buckle up – it’s time to lift-off

As the federal government and the canton of Zurich have decided to invest in the production capacity of face mask machines, BAUBERGER was commissioned  in the course of to organize that transport.
to the airlift...

Flying change

At Sonova AG we were tasked with the delivery of a machining center “Kern Micro”. At first, we had to remove an existing machining center.

To the change...

Dishwasher XXXXL

At the site of Rhaezuenser Mineral Water we were tasked with replacing the bottle cleaning machine – with a weight of 33 tons, a length of 12.5m, a width of 4.4m and a height of 3.6m definitely a dishwasher in the size XXXXL.

To the Mineral Water ...
650HP for a hallelujah -
the new truck is here!

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