«To travel is to evolve.» 

Pierre Bernardo

We are once more showing you a few highlights from our daily work. It's not always whole factories that we allow to travel – individual machines or system parts can also be tough nuts to crack when it comes to moving them.
Our customers are continuing to develop by taking on new technologies or capacities in their plants.
Marcel Bach & Team
On the road  

Light in the darkness!

At RIDI Leuchten GmbH in Jungingen (Germany), sustainability is a top priority. Consequently, a team from BAUBERGER was recently on site to add an additional steam turbine to the existing chip heating system.
To RIDI lighting...

When ANGELS travel

Moving the new ENGEL (angel) injection moulding machines right into the top floor using a mobile crane and transport box at Nolato Treff in Degersheim...

More about the move...

Dolce Vita in Emilia-Romagna

An order from Bucher Hydraulics AG led the BAUBERGER team into the sunny landscape of central Italy, to be precise to Reggio Emilia, which lies between Parma and Bologna...        

To the move to Italy...
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