«Change is as necessary as the new leaves that grow in springtime.» 

Vincent van Gogh , (1853 - 1890), Dutch painter and graphic artist

We start the new year with a personnel change – our long-time project manager Christian Schumacher has retired after 27 years. 
He was a mover and shaker, quite literally, and for this we are enormously grateful to him and wish him all the best from the bottom of our hearts!
In this issue you will also find a report about the move at OKEY AG that tells the story of how factories travel.
And moving a 73-ton press proved to be a real obstacle course, as the limited space meant that it had to be adjusted and turned several times until it was correctly anchored in its foundation.
Marcel Bach & Team
On the road  

3 into 1

Relocation of the OKEY production plant to the new company headquarters in Winterthur-Wülflingen...
about OKEY...

27 years with the pedal to the metal – and all of a sudden it's time to retire!

Our project manager, Christian Schumacher, says goodbye to BAUBERGER after 27 years of service and begins a well-deserved retirement...

About Christian...

A 73-ton obstacle course

Challenging installation of a 73-ton press in Southern Germany...

About the obstacle course...
BAUBERGER is a new member of the HAW
Since the beginning of 2019 we have been a member of the Winterthur Chamber of Commerce and Employers' Association (HAW)...

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