«The future belongs to those who recognise the possibilities before they become obvious» 

© Oscar Wilde, 1854 – 1900, Irish author

In order to actively shape the future, it does not hurt to wrestle with the past. With this in mind, we have helped to bring an almost 100-year-old steam locomotive back to life.

We were able to move great things with Grossbearbeitungs AG – with a total weight of over 200 tons, the Soraluce VTC 8000 is a genuine colossus.

We were also allowed to ring in a new path into the future at Zeochem – the plant dismantled in Uitikon is being rebuilt in Bosnia – where in the meantime it is already in operation again.
Marcel Bach & Team
On the road  

Steam locomotive awakens to new life

BAUBERGER AG is happy to help so that a piece of history can live on…

New colossus in Flums

Installation of a new vertical lathe of the brand Soraluce VTC 8000 at Grossbearbeitungs AG…
To Grossbearbeitungs AG

The end and beginning of an era

The end and beginning of an era Shutdown of the chemical factory in Uetikon and reassembly of the installations in Bosnia…

Small innovations with a big impact
We are continuously on the search for technical solutions that would make our work easier…

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