«Big results require big ambitions» 

Heraklitus, 535-475 BC, Greek philosopher, cosmologist and politician

Day in and day out, our employees provide you with great service. Customers often express their gratitude to us, which increases the ambition and motivation of the entire team and is reflected in the end result. Our recent project in Buecherwäldli is a current example.
Fabian Meier & Team
On the road  

A happy Buecherwäldli

The Buecherwäldli workshop locations in Uzwil and Oberbüren have been merged into a new location in Niederuzwil.
To Buecherwäldli

Cheers to the relocation!

The first beverage supermarket in Switzerland, Getränke Lussi AG, moves its production location from Stans to Oberdorf.
To Getränke Lussi

We set the course for the future

Every child knows SBB, but few people know that they also mill railway points themselves in Härkingen.

To milling machine for points
It was 10 years ago...
The 20th Classic Truck and Car Show was organised in 2007. This event brought many visitors to the Grisons region. Bauberger was also in attendance with the Saurer V2C (1957 model)...

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