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Dear Readers,
Cats have nine lives, as we all know, and Bauberger trucks have at least two. The life of our knuckle boom crane No.103 is far from over even after 15 years of service: It is now in action at its new home in Paraguay. We are pleased about that. As the year draws to a close, we want to wish you and your loved ones

festive holidays and a happy and successful New Year 2017.
Ruedi Bauberger & Team
On the road  

Specialists at work

Bauberger AG has been working with hydraulic lifting columns for nearly 25 years. These special tools have a lifting capacity of 540 tons and are ideal for jobs in tight spaces.
Hydraulic gantries in action

New lease on life

Our knuckle boom crane No. 103 served us tirelessly for 15 long years and is now in action at its new home in Paraguay. It has a new logo, but is still painted blue and yellow.
To knuckle boom crane 103


They may still be underrepresented but they are on the rise: the generation of young women taking up technical occupations. These and other impressions regarding Prodex 2016.

To the Prodex review
No one is too small to be a big fan of Bauberger: our Christmas coloring sheet for young and old.

Here is what our customers say about us and the way we work.
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