« Summer is the time when it’s too hot to do the job that it was too cold to do last winter. »

Mark Twain

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Ruedi Bauberger & Team
On the road  

Any time, any place

Bauberger AG not only works at every location and under any circumstances but also any time you want. Our procedure for moving an 87-ton hydraulic press began during the day and continued on into the night for logistical reasons.
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Bringing things back into focus

Our photographer became a bit queasy as the aerial work platform lifted him nearly 30 meters above the floor to capture the vastness of our heavy cargo warehouse.
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Rendezvous for utility vehicles

Ruedi Bauberger joined 126 other enthusiasts of classic vehicles at the 6th Meeting of Swiss Utility Vehicles in Thayngen. He drove a Sauerer V2C truck. A few impressions.
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Montylift takes to the water
The Monytlift-36 weighs 25 tons and lifts a maximum of 36.7 t. The Montylift owned by See Club Luzern, for its part, tips the scales at only 40 kg and cuts a fine figure in the water..
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